We Need to Talk About Kevin- Official Trailer 

The film, We Need to Talk About Kevin tells a horrifying story that no mother or parent ever dreams of. The mother Eva, battles with motherhood as her son Kevin is born a psychopath who’s whole life is geared toward tormenting his mother. The film is based off the book with the same name in 2003. It’s a fictional story about a school massacre that’s written in the perspective of Eva. Throughout the movie Eva documents her strong attempts to come to terms with her son Kevin and all the murders he has committed. After watching the trailer and reading more about the film I found this to be sadly to realistic. Within the past couple of years there has been to many young individuals that have mental illnesses that are going untreated and its resulting in massacres at schools. I think bringing a true story to the big screen and showing what some parents battle with on a day to day basis is horrifying. However, society needs to see this in order to bring awareness and show how important it is that people who have such extreme and dangerous mental illnesses can be if left untreated.

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